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After only two weeks I received 13 interview invites from a great selection of companies. From these I could choose the ones that best suited me and wound up finding the perfect startup job.

Emil Ahlbäck

Sr. Frontend, Weissmaler

Honeypot makes me feel valued and supported in my search for new opportunities at interesting technological and modern companies.

Alvean Ekman

Java, Idealo

Honeypot helps with every aspect of the hiring process. It feels so great to have a bunch of companies interested in your profile and all the information about the role and salary upfront.

Hemerson Carlin

Fullstack, Signavio

Getting interviews through Honeypot was a breeze. For a person who wanted to find a job and relocate first time it was superb experience!

Tõnis Anton

JavaScript, ProfitBricks

I like Honeypot because companies offer interviews with minimum salary. It saved the effort of applying for jobs, doing interviews, getting offers, and finally finding out that the salary didn't meet my requirements.

Shuhei Kagawa

Frontend, Zalando

Honeypot helped me find my dream job in my dream country! Honeypot puts their developers first - even the CEO called me personally to address all my queries!

Nilufar Bafa

Frontend, Glispa

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