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We are active organizers of events across Europe, from cozy meetups to large, international conferences.

HR in Tech

Is hiring tech talent part of your everyday job? If so, our pan-European HR in Tech event series ought to be right up your alley. Whether you live in Germany or the Netherlands, we’ve got you covered.


Tech Talks & CTO Club

Want to dive deep into the tech community in Germany or the Netherlands? Our tech meetups are exactly what you need - exciting tech topics and experienced speakers you can learn from.

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Hive Conference

Hive is a conference for HR Leaders, Technical Hiring Managers, CTOs and VPs of Engineering focused on all aspects of building and scaling great engineering teams.


GraphQL Conf

GraphQL Conf is a conference with speakers from all around the world. Organized in collaboration with Prisma and the founding team of the GraphQL technology, GraphQL Conf is the largest GraphQL conference east of the Atlantic. Learn about GraphQL best practices from industry experts and become part of the thriving GraphQL community.



We are documenting some of the most exciting open source projects in the world.

Elixir: A Mini-Documentary

Get ready to explore the origins of the Elixir programming language, the manner in which it handles concurrency and the speed with which it has grown since its creation back in 2011.


Love contributing to open-source projects?

So do we! Check out these internal tools our tech team members have shared with the world.


Responsible for Honeypot's ElasticSearch data and mainly powered by Rust and Iron, companies use it on the platform to search the developers they need to hire.


GitHub bot and CLI application to handle deployments and orchestrations of feature stagings on Heroku.


Wanna chip in? Head over to our Github repo to contribute!

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We share insights and data about salaries, emerging tech trends and the most exciting tech companies in Europe.

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