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Launched in October 2015, Honeypot is Europe's tech-focused job platform. Our mission is to get tech professionals great jobs. Honeypot helps Software Developers, DevOps & Testing Engineers, Engineering Leaders, and Data Professionals find jobs they love.

What is Honeypot?

On Honeypot, companies apply to you. We believe developers and other tech professionals should choose a job they love: whether that’s based on a cutting-edge tech stack, an inspiring team or just good old-fashioned salary. Today, Honeypot is Europe’s leading developer-focused job platform, serving Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

About us - Team

Life at Honeypot

We have four core values: work together, be caring, have an impact, and improve every day. Check out our video below to learn more about life at Honeypot

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Meet the team

30+ Nationalities, 15+ Languages


Alison Esposti profile picture
Alison Esposti funny profile picture

Alison Esposti

VP Marketing

Imke Schultjan profile picture
Imke Schultjan funny profile picture

Imke Schultjan

Managing Director

Jost Schatzmann profile picture
Jost Schatzmann funny profile picture

Jost Schatzmann

Managing Director

Torsten Sander profile picture
Torsten Sander funny profile picture

Torsten Sander

VP Talent

Client Success & Sales

Helping companies find great talents

Abeer Tahir profile picture
Abeer Tahir funny profile picture

Abeer Tahir

Senior Client Success Manager

Bearpot image

Albert Ahlfeld

Client Success Manager

Bearpot image

Alexander Wieser

Account Executive

Bearpot image

Alketas Mourtzopoulos

Working Student New Business Sales

Aly Abdulrahman profile picture
Aly Abdulrahman funny profile picture

Aly Abdulrahman

Junior Account Executive

Bearpot image

Alyce Rosentreter

Team Lead Sales Operations

Andrea Tognoli profile picture
Andrea Tognoli funny profile picture

Andrea Tognoli

Sales Operations Manager

Bearpot image

Ardit Mazllomaj

Account Executive

Bearpot image

Ausrine Isodaite

Account Executive

Bearpot image

Christopher Weir

Account Executive

Francine Kloeckner profile picture
Francine Kloeckner funny profile picture

Francine Kloeckner

Junior Client Success Manager

Bearpot image

Frank Herrmann

Head of New Business Sales

Bearpot image

Franziska Johannsen

Junior Client Success Manager

Bearpot image

Georg Gruber

Country Manager AT/CH + NL

Itziar Merladet profile picture
Itziar Merladet funny profile picture

Itziar Merladet

Country Manager Spain

Jacob Johannsen profile picture
Jacob Johannsen funny profile picture

Jacob Johannsen

Sales Development Representative Working Student

Bearpot image

Jason Stiers

Junior Account Executive

Jeff Mensah profile picture
Jeff Mensah funny profile picture

Jeff Mensah

Client Success Manager

Bearpot image

Jeremy Weitz

Working Student New Business Sales

Bearpot image

Julian Gref

Account Executive

Bearpot image

Kenan Halvadzic

Client Success Manager

Bearpot image

Laura Godolphin

Sales Operations Manager

Bearpot image

Lauren Jeffrey

Country Manager - The Netherlands

Bearpot image

Lia Nanobashvili

Head of Account Management - South Germany

Bearpot image

Maria Kastani

Working Student Business Development

Marius Schwarz profile picture
Marius Schwarz funny profile picture

Marius Schwarz

Client Success Manager

Bearpot image

Maruša Straunik

Sales Administrator

Rhyan Flores profile picture
Rhyan Flores funny profile picture

Rhyan Flores

Head of Account Management - North Germany

Bearpot image

Samir Taha El Badsawi

Account Executive - Spanish Market

Bearpot image

Shane Jafar

Working Student Sales

Bearpot image

Slava Klejman

Client Success Manager

Tara Lucia Kajic profile picture
Tara Lucia Kajic funny profile picture

Tara Lucia Kajic

Client Success Manager

Bearpot image

Tatiana Korchazhnikova

Business Development Trainee

Bearpot image

Tim Gruber

Sales Development Representative Working Student

Verena Maier profile picture
Verena Maier funny profile picture

Verena Maier

Junior Account Executive

Finance & Operations

Keeping the hive running

Ana Lárez profile picture
Ana Lárez funny profile picture

Ana Lárez

Team Lead Operations

Bearpot image

Antonia Armes

Senior Controller

Jorge Esteban profile picture
Jorge Esteban funny profile picture

Jorge Esteban

IT Manager

Bearpot image

Merisa Mujkanović

Office Operations & Administration Working Student

Stefanie Stakenburg profile picture
Stefanie Stakenburg funny profile picture

Stefanie Stakenburg

Senior Strategic Project Manager

Tanzeel Zulfiqar profile picture
Tanzeel Zulfiqar funny profile picture

Tanzeel Zulfiqar

Junior Finance Manager


Making ads you won’t hate

Andreea-Camelia Merticariu profile picture
Andreea-Camelia Merticariu funny profile picture

Andreea-Camelia Merticariu

Performance Marketing Manager

Anne Ihle profile picture
Anne Ihle funny profile picture

Anne Ihle

Team Lead Performance Marketing

Carolina Cabral profile picture
Carolina Cabral funny profile picture

Carolina Cabral


Felipe Souza Melo profile picture
Felipe Souza Melo funny profile picture

Felipe Souza Melo

Senior Visual and Brand Designer

Gülnaz Erol profile picture
Gülnaz Erol funny profile picture

Gülnaz Erol

Design Working Student

Hannah Augur profile picture
Hannah Augur funny profile picture

Hannah Augur

Content Lead

Ida Bechtle profile picture
Ida Bechtle funny profile picture

Ida Bechtle

Senior Filmmaker

Melina Zacharia profile picture
Melina Zacharia funny profile picture

Melina Zacharia

Content Manager

Mohammad Afif Haounji profile picture
Mohammad Afif Haounji funny profile picture

Mohammad Afif Haounji

Local Community Manager and Developer Advocate

Bearpot image

Sara Abedini Varamini

Social Media & Community Working Student

Zan Debevec profile picture
Zan Debevec funny profile picture

Zan Debevec

B2B Marketing Manager

People & Culture

Keeping the bees happy

Ainura Kukshebayeva profile picture
Ainura Kukshebayeva funny profile picture

Ainura Kukshebayeva

In-House Recruiter

Karina Liebisch profile picture
Karina Liebisch funny profile picture

Karina Liebisch

Team Lead Recruiting

Maren Geisthardt profile picture
Maren Geisthardt funny profile picture

Maren Geisthardt

Head of People & Culture

Sabrina Mezger profile picture
Sabrina Mezger funny profile picture

Sabrina Mezger

Senior HR Manager


Deploying bridges between talents and companies

Agustín Tonna profile picture
Agustín Tonna funny profile picture

Agustín Tonna

Head of Product and Design

Arancha Ferrero profile picture
Arancha Ferrero funny profile picture

Arancha Ferrero

Software Engineer Frontend

Catarina Ribeiro profile picture
Catarina Ribeiro funny profile picture

Catarina Ribeiro

Senior Product Designer

Bearpot image

Ellie Staniforth

Software Engineer

Helios Aliaga profile picture
Helios Aliaga funny profile picture

Helios Aliaga

Director Engineering and Data Science

Iga Pielichowska profile picture
Iga Pielichowska funny profile picture

Iga Pielichowska

Product Designer

Inês Almeida profile picture
Inês Almeida funny profile picture

Inês Almeida

Team Lead Data Analytics & Data Engineering

Jesús Esparza profile picture
Jesús Esparza funny profile picture

Jesús Esparza

Señor Software Engineer

Bearpot image

Martin Gregoire

Senior Backend Engineer

Mirko Leskur profile picture
Mirko Leskur funny profile picture

Mirko Leskur

Senior Product Manager

Patrick Helm profile picture
Patrick Helm funny profile picture

Patrick Helm

Staff Engineer

Sílvia Mur Blanch profile picture
Sílvia Mur Blanch funny profile picture

Sílvia Mur Blanch

Staff Engineer

Veronika Sarkisyan profile picture
Veronika Sarkisyan funny profile picture

Veronika Sarkisyan

Data Scientist

Talent Success

Helping tech talent find great jobs

Anastasia Islamkina Schleier profile picture
Anastasia Islamkina Schleier funny profile picture

Anastasia Islamkina Schleier

Senior Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist

Bearpot image

Anaïs Jouenne

Senior Business Analyst

Ava Mulhern profile picture
Ava Mulhern funny profile picture

Ava Mulhern

Talent Success Advisor

Davide Pacco profile picture
Davide Pacco funny profile picture

Davide Pacco

Talent Success Advisor

Bearpot image

Diana Miguel

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Elif Nur Çakmak profile picture
Elif Nur Çakmak funny profile picture

Elif Nur Çakmak

Talent Success Advisor

Enya Macías profile picture
Enya Macías funny profile picture

Enya Macías

Talent Acquisition Specialist Working Student

Filipe Sousa profile picture
Filipe Sousa funny profile picture

Filipe Sousa

Junior Talent Success Advisor

Bearpot image

George Falegkos

Talent Success Advisor

Bearpot image

Joyce Tingting Hu

Talent Success Advisor

Jyothika Gopan profile picture
Jyothika Gopan funny profile picture

Jyothika Gopan

Talent Acquisition Specialist Working Student