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Honeypot is a developer-focused job platform, on a mission to get every developer a great job. We believe developers should have all the information they need to choose a job they love: whether that’s based on a cutting-edge tech stack, an inspiring team or just good old-fashioned salary. In our world, that means no more spam and empty promises from headhunters, no more sending the same application to multiple companies - just one profile and the choice to receive  honest offers related to your job preferences direct from companies.

Meet the team

Kaya Taner
Emma Tracey
Giovanni Capuano
Kado Damball
Johanna Dahlroos
UX/UI Design
Kamal Naeem
Agathe Badia
Talent Management
Sviatlana Dzenisevich
Customer Success
Frederik Bohn
Business Development
Rinze Rijkmans
Business Development
Tabea Müller
Jelle Groot
Market Manager Amsterdam
The Honeypot
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Your Ideal Job
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"But this isn’t just some Craigslist directory – far from it. Honeypot offers a Talent Rep to each person looking for work. They’re like a guide to help you land the best job to suit your current aspirations. It’s a very straightforward system meant to target the best mid-to-advanced developers currently seeking employment.”

Meet our advisors

Timo Rößner

Timo is Head of Engineering at Blacklane, after holding numerous lead developer positions over his career. Timo is an active contributor to open-source software and the current maintainer of "reek", a code quality analyser popular in the Ruby community. He is an avid evangelist of new technologies and has ample experience in developing and promoting team culture within organizations.

Konstantin Haase

Konstantin is a software developer, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and one of the busiest people in the open source community. He is co-founder of Travis CI, a continuous integration-as-service-platform, used by GitHub, Twitter, Facebook and many others. He is an active contributor to various open source projects, such as Sinatra, Rubinius, Rack, and many more.

Torsten Curdt

Torsten is a software developer, founder, author, speaker, and blogger. He specializes in scalable architectures, backend services, big data, iOS and Mac development. Torsten is also an active and long-term contributor to open source.

"Tech recruiting in its current form is highly flawed. Developers often get approached directly by companies or through middlemen with offers that are not relevant for them. Honeypot provides a platform which solves these problems.”

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