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Joining Honeypot

  • What is Honeypot?

    Honeypot is a tech-focused job platform that helps pre-screened talents connect with approved companies. At Honeypot, we aim to create a transparent and efficient marketplace that allows talents and companies to focus on finding the right fit. To ensure great experiences for both talent and companies, all talent are screened based on skills and experience before being given access to the platform.

  • For which countries does Honeypot offer support?

    We are currently supporting 5 countries in Europe, namely Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Spain. Keep an eye out for future expansions!

  • Who should sign up for Honeypot?

    Anyone who matches our current roles and is looking for work in our target markets should sign up! If you aren't going to succeed on our platform, we'll let you know.

  • Where do most developers on the Honeypot platform come from?

    Honeypot welcomes talents from around the world, and that means our talent pool always varies. On top of local and EU candidates, we have a large amount of talent coming from Nigeria, India, Turkey, and many other countries. We encourage our companies to be flexible with international candidates.

  • Is Honeypot open for freelance, part-time, full-time talents?

    We do not offer support for freelance or contract positions. We support part-time positions only under certain circumstances. This depends on the demand from the companies on the platform.

  • How does the Honeypot process work?

    First, tech talents sign up to Honeypot and create a profile. Our Talent Success Advisors then look at the profile and get in touch to define the next steps. Depending on the completeness of the profile and the seniority level, talents may receive an invite to a call, a code challenge, or be informed that they have not been accepted onto the platform at this time. Once the talent's profile is finalised and approved, the Talent Success Advisor will make the profile visible on the platform for 5 weeks. During these 5 weeks, the profile is visible to companies, and companies are able to send interview invites and chat with talent. Throughout this entire process (as well as after), the Talent Success Advisor is available to respond to any of the talent's questions or concerns.

  • What is a Talent Success Advisor?

    Talent Success Advisors are the go-to personal support for talent (that's you, developers and data specialists!) on the Honeypot platform. They will lead you through the process -from profile completion up to job offer-, answer any questions you have, and help you navigate company profiles, interview invites, and job offers. Please feel free to ask for support when you need it.

  • What type of skills do you look for on Honeypot?
    Demand for skill sets varies. Currently, we offer support for Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Engineers, QA & Test Engineers, SAP Developers and SAP Consultants with technical expertise, Tech Leads, and Engineering Managers.

  • Which languages do I need in order to be accepted onto the platform?

    We offer support for 5 markets in Europe: Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain. You must speak either the local language of your preferred country or English at a working proficiency level. Most companies on our platform use English as their main company communication language.

  • Is Honeypot free or do I need to pay a fee?

    Great news! The Honeypot service is completely free for job seekers. There is no charge or fee at any time in your job-seeking process. We only make money from the companies hiring on our platform.

  • I am currently a student but will soon graduate. When should I create a profile?

    You can sign up to Honeypot when you are ready to enter the job market. Once your profile is made visible to companies, the hiring process often moves very fast, so be sure you have the time capacity and resources to manage the interview process.

  • Are there opportunities available for juniors?

    Yes, there are opportunities for juniors on our platform, but it is important to note that demand for different roles varies immensely. This is why we accept far fewer junior developers than developers with experience on the platform. However, we also recognise that recent university and bootcamp graduates have big potential in web and mobile development. For this reason, we do accept recent graduates with a focus on these fields under certain circumstances. This depends on the demand from the companies on the platform. Juniors accepted onto the platform can look to their Talent Success Advisor for advice on how to best showcase their skills.

  • I don't currently live in any of the locations listed. Can I still join Honeypot?

    Yes, you are still welcome to join Honeypot as long as you are open to relocating to at least one of the cities we support. Willingness to relocate is mandatory. Please select the cities that you would be interested in.

  • Can I work remotely?

    Due to legal restrictions, Honeypot only supports remote positions that are within a company's country of operation. For example, you must live in Germany to work remotely for a company that is only in Germany.

  • My profile was previously rejected by Honeypot. Can I resubmit?

    Yes, you can resubmit your profile. If you still have the contact information for your talent success advisor, you can notify them via email. If you don't, you can log into your Honeypot profile and click 'Resubmit Profile'. Please do update your profile before resubmitting.

  • How do I contact my Talent Success Advisor?

    If you are accepted onto the platform, you will receive an email directly from your assigned Talent Success Advisor. You can use this email to keep in contact with them. If you have lost your Advisor's contact information, you can reach out to the team at and they'll get you sorted.

  • From where does Honeypot source talent?

    Talents come to Honeypot through a variety of channels, including marketing, sourcing, referral, and community events. We're happy to say that we have a strong pipeline of referrals from talents who have previously been successful on the Honeypot platform. On top of this, we build strong local networks that inspire talents to join the platform.

Creating your Honeypot profile

  • What information is included on my profile?

    In addition to basic information like name, contact details, work experience, and skills, you can add your salary expectations, preferred location, contract type, and desired roles. We also provide plenty of space for a personal summary and links to your work on platforms like GitHub, StackOverflow, and more. And don't forget, your Talent Success Advisor is there for support if needed.

  • What are the next steps after I have completed my profile?

    After completing your profile, be sure to submit it for review. A Talent Success Advisor will then screen it and determine how your skills match with demand on our platform. They will inform you about the acceptance or rejection of your profile. When your profile is accepted, you will be provided with instructions about the next steps. Please note that these steps can vary based on your seniority level.

  • What do you look for when assessing profiles for Honeypot?

    To be accepted, you must have a complete profile that covers your desired roles, technical knowledge, and relevant work experience. We might also assess coding skills. Our team uses a variety of methods during the screening process, so the exact details can vary.

  • What should I include in my personal summary? Can I skip it?

    Please do not skip the personal summary. Companies really do read these and can potentially use them to assess cultural fit. A well-written summary should contain three important components: who you are, what you are looking for in your next role, and your top technical skills. On top of this, you can also highlight your career ambitions and examples that show how qualified you are for your next role. Don't forget: your Talent Success Advisor is there to assist you.

  • What types of skills should I include in the skills section?

    This section should specifically cover your technical expertise, including programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and other important tools with which you are familiar. You should be confident with the skills you list, meaning you don't necessarily need to be an expert but you do need to be proficient. If you would like to highlight any soft skills, we encourage you to incorporate them into the 'About me' section on your profile.

  • How do I determine my ideal salary?

    This is entirely up to you, though you should try to be realistic in your expectations. We suggest taking into account the position you are applying for, your seniority, and the living costs in the city you would be moving to. Please be reminded that the salary is used as an indicator for companies and is not necessarily a fixed criterion. Additionally, overly high or low salaries might affect your exposure to otherwise relevant searches.

  • Can I select multiple locations for my ideal position?

    Yes, you can choose as many locations as you like from the list. Your profile will then appear to companies situated in all the selected locations. However, please don't select a location unless you really intend to relocate there.

  • Why does my profile look different after being approved on Honeypot?

    During the approval process, your Talent Success Advisor creates a headline that summarizes your profile for companies. If you don't think this headline best represents you, let us know and we can modify it. Your Talent Success Advisor may reorganise some parts of the profile to better showcase your skills, but we will never delete any important information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your Talent Success Advisor.

  • Why am I not able to edit the headline of my profile?

    It's very important that content on talent profiles appears consistent with our formatting and guidelines. This helps hiring companies manouever the platform and find talents faster. For this reason, only Talent Success Advisors are able to finalise profile headlines. If you feel your headline doesn't best represent you, reach out and we will be happy to improve it.

Getting interview invites and job offers

  • What is an interview invite?

    An interview invite is a request from a company to interview a candidate for a specific role. If you receive one, it indicates that the company finds you to be a potential match and would like to get to know you.

  • What information is included in an interview invite?

    All interview invites come with a transparent job listing, including salary and the company's profile. This job listing generally includes several essential categories such as a brief company overview, role description, and a personalized message from the company to talents. The company profile is a detailed description of their mission, tech stacks, hiring procedures, and employee benefits. If you receive an interview invite, it's up to you to decide to accept or reject the invitation.

  • What happens once I get an interview invitation?

    The interview invitation will appear in your inbox. The invite will include all key details of the role, including tech stacks and suggested salary range. You can also go to the company's profile to learn more about them.

  • What format will my interviews be in?

    Common interview formats include in-person, online, and phone call. The format for any given interview will depend on the company. Companies are generally flexible to the requirements of talent. Please feel free to express any wishes to the company.

  • Is it possible to do interviews remotely?

    Yes. Most companies are happy to interview talents by phone or other online means. Some companies may require you to be on-site for the final interview stages. This is something you can discuss with the companies in more detail once you accept an interview invitation.

  • What is the hiring process generally like? How long does it take?

    We work with many companies that hire for a variety of roles. The details and length of time required always depend on their internal processes. Usually, companies will have multiple steps, often starting with the first HR call, followed by a technical round.

  • How long will I be visible on the platform?

    To ensure all candidates are active and serious about finding a new role, profiles on Honeypot are visible for 5 weeks at a time. This also motivates companies to move fast and invite potential candidates to interviews. If after five weeks you do not receive any interview invitations or you simply wish to be exposed to more opportunities, just let your Talent Success Advisor know. They can go over your profile to look for improvements and make you visible for another 5 weeks.

  • What should I prepare for the interview?

    You should fully understand the role you are applying for. To do this, you should revisit the interview invite, study the company profile, and visit the company's website and LinkedIn page. Then we recommend you consider the direction you want your career to go in and make connections between your goals and the company. You can check out our blog for more interview tactics and frequently asked interview questions.

  • If I accept an interview invite, will I still be eligible to receive invites from other companies?

    Yes, you will be eligible to receive interview invites from multiple companies until a paper offer for a job role is signed. Accepting one interview invite does not bind you to the company, and you can accept as many interview invites as you like.

  • Can I decline interview invites on Honeypot?

    Yes, if the interview invites don't match with your preferences, you can decline them. We encourage you to specify the reason for declining and reach out to your Talent Success Advisor. They will let you know if there are any additional criteria that could be included on your profile. At the end of the day, we don't want you to waste time on irrelevant invites.

  • How do companies find my profile on Honeypot?

    Companies search for candidates by filtering specific criteria such as tech stack, location, work authorization, contract type, and so on. This search will return the profiles that most closely match with their needs.

  • I like the company but the salary on the interview invite is too low. What should I do?

    The salary stated on the interview invite should be taken as a ballpark reference. If the figure is within 20% of your desired salary, we recommend you accept the interview invite and communicate directly with the company during the first call. Please feel free to reach out to your Talent Success Advisor if you need advice on negotiations.

  • How can I become visible to companies again?

    There is a 'Go Live Again' option on your profile. Just click this button and your Talent Success Advisor will be notified. If you prefer, you can also email your Talent Success Advisor. Regardless of how you contact them, your advisor will process your profile and get back to you.

  • I recently got hired on Honeypot. What happens to my profile now?

    First of all, congratulations on your new adventure! Please notify your Talent Success Advisor and they will hide your profile so you will not receive unwanted interview invites.

  • I accepted an interview invite from a company but they did not contact me to schedule a call. What can I do?

    First, please check your spam folder as recruiters' emails can end up there from time to time. We also encourage you to reach out to the recruiters through Honeypot chat or email. If there is no response from the recruiter, you should contact your Talent Success Advisor and let them know so they can solve the miscommunication as soon as possible.

  • My profile has been visible to companies on Honeypot for some time. Why haven't I received any interview invites?

    Company activity tends to reflect the market, and that means that it often relates to the demand for particular roles, tech stacks, and locations, which can vary each week. We encourage you to check your profile to confirm whether you have tagged all technologies you have professional experience with and if the minimum salary is in line with your experience for the cities selected. For further advice, please reach out to your Talent Success Advisor.

  • I declined an interview invite but have changed my mind. Can I get back in contact with the company?

    We encourage you to fully evaluate interview invites before declining them. If you change your mind after declining an invite, please get in touch with your Talent Success Advisor. If the position is still open and the company is accepting applicants, there may still be a possibility to interview.

  • What role does Honeypot take in job interviews?

    Once you have accepted an invitation, the interview process takes place directly between you and the hiring company. While we are here to provide support, Honeypot does not play a role in interviews or contracts. In other words, the recruiter or hiring manager of the company leads the interview process, as usual. Our first screening call and technical screenings are only for internal usage, enabling us to assess talent suitability for our platform.

Relocating to Europe

  • I want to apply for a position in Europe but I don't speak the local language. Is this a problem?

    While some companies operate in the local language, international hiring is very popular and English is the working language of many companies using Honeypot. That means you might not need to speak the local language to land a role.

  • Does Honeypot provide visa support for international talents?

    Your Talent Success Advisor can help answer general questions or concerns about the visa process. If your TSA can’t answer your questions, they might also put you in touch with our internal visa specialists. Please note that once you are hired, these questions will be directed to your new employer. More information and resources can be found HERE.

  • Do companies support visas for relocation?

    Many companies on our platform assist their newly hired talents with the visa process. We offer these companies additional information and resources. Because your work authorisation is included in your profile, companies who send you interview invites are indicating their openness to visa support and processing time.

  • Is the visa process free?

    There are various fees you will likely encounter during the visa process, such as fees for submitting an application, printing documents, translations, notaries, the residence permit, and more. You may be responsible for these costs. We encourage you to discuss the details with your future employer.

  • Do companies help with relocation costs?

    This varies from company to company. We recommend you discuss this directly with the company as early as possible.

  • Do the companies prefer Non-EU/Non-local talents when they already have EU options?

    Companies often prefer candidates located locally as this reduces the time to start. However, a lot of companies, large corporations in particular, are open to relocation and international hiring.


  • How do I qualify for the referral bonus? How do I claim it?

    In order to qualify for the referral bonus of €512, the referral must sign up using your referral code. If one of your referrals is hired on Honeypot, you automatically qualify for the referral bonus. Please reach out to your Talent Success Advisor or and they will let you know the next steps.

  • What types of companies are using your platform? (Industries and company sizes)

    The companies on our platform come from a wide variety of industries, including ecommerce, FinTech, telecommunication, healthcare, SaaS, and more. They also range in size from startup to corporation.

  • How do I ensure that my current employer doesn't find me on Honeypot? Can I block certain companies from seeing my profile and name?

    We completely understand that there may be companies you don't want to see your profile or industries you don't want to work in. We encourage you to specify your preferences in the summary section of your profile or let your Talent Success Advisor know and they will implement these requests manually.

  • What if I do not want to be visible right away?

    This is not a problem. We can proceed with the introductory calls and prepare your profile, so it's ready to go live when you are. Once you're ready, let your Talent Success Advisor know and they’ll set the profile to live. If you already have a specific date in mind, you can tell your Talent Success Advisor right away, and they will schedule your profile to go live on the agreed upon date.

  • Can my current company see my profile on Honeypot?

    Don't worry. You can block specific companies and users from seeing your profile. Just add the relevant names into the 'Privacy' settings of your Honeypot account.

  • Do your companies have a strict policy regarding gender/racial/religious discrimination?

    Honeypot celebrates diversity and does not tolerate discrimination from users. This is included in our Code of Conduct. We expect companies and candidates to meet this and all ILO standards. For minor or unintentional violations of this Code of Conduct, business partners will generally be given the opportunity to correct their actions. For serious violations, Honeypot reserves the right to terminate the relationship.

  • If I don't want to use Honeypot anymore, can I delete my profile?

    Yes, if you are no longer interested in using Honeypot, you can delete your profile on the platform. However, instead of deleting it, we encourage you to leave your profile and set it to inactive. Inactive profiles are not visible to companies and they can easily be reactivated if you choose to return to the platform at a later date.