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The keys to hiring success

We do the screening and analytics for you, so you can enjoy free visa support and speedy hiring.

Access to top tech talent from around the world with free visa support

Over two-thirds of our developers come from the EU. For those that don't, we offer free visa support so you can focus on finding the perfect candidate.

Responsiveness and hiring speed

Over 90% of interview invites are responded to within the first 48 hours after an invite is sent. Over 70% of sent interview invites are accepted.

Only pay when you hire

The usage of Honeypot platform is free. You only pay a 15% commission upon successfully hiring a developer. A three month full refund policy is included to ensure that you, and the developer, are happy with the decision.

Honeypot Recruiting Insights

Get insights into your recruiting process with our platform analytics. You will see developer feedback plus comparative industry statistics on developer salaries, average hiring speed and more.

Prescreened developers

Only 10% of all developers that sign up pass our screening process, which consists of a Skype call and a code review.

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Simple transparent pricing!

Browse and contact developers for free.

Full visa support for non-EU talents

Personalized data reports

100% refund if the talent leaves in the first 3 months after hire

Payment upon hire

*Commision is calculated based on the yearly gross salary of the hired developer

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